A constant search for solutions to meet each patient’s specific needs

What a Patient Advocate does

  • Accompanies patients to medical appointments, helping with the understanding, choice and decision of treatments and medications proposed by doctors.

  • Searches and establishes contacts with doctors, hospitals and clinics in country or abroad when the patient needs a 2nd opinion to help decide which treatment option should be taken.

  • Searches for treatments on rare and less known illnesses in country or abroad contacting professionals and institutions in several foreign languages.

  • Accompanies the patient abroad, providing all the necessary support and logistical organization.

  • Searches and establishes contacts with patients around the world who are in a similar clinical situation so they can share their testimony about the treatment.

  • Searches for treatment financing solutions in country or abroad: state contributions foreseen by law; contributions made by the various in country health subsystems (eg ADSE); contributions made by private insurance companies and participation in clinical trials subsidized by hospitals and laboratories in country or within the European Union.

“Raquel has proved to be a very informative, competent and caring professional (…) keeping a complete file about the whole process, as well as organizing consultations and medication with clinicians. She always informed us of everything in detail.
With Raquel, this whole process has become easier and directed to what it must be; obtaining clear and concrete results.”

Mario Roque e Liliana Matos Costa

“(…) In the middle of this process, Raquel was very important, not only because she allowed me to feel at ease in Germany (…) as well as demonstrated great expertise in this area, and has never left me “helpless “: Raquel gave me the security I needed.
Raquel is a great professional and a successful person, and above all a friend who I keep in my heart, she is hope in person.”

Susana Osório Silva

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