Neurofeedback training is a natural, non-invasive and effective choice in reducing Anxiety.

Whilst medication can provide short-term relief by adjusting the chemicals in the brain, neuroplasticity enables Neurofeedback to ‘rewire’ the brain’s electrical circuits permanently.

With Neurofeedback the brain’s own self-regulating ability is used to resolve brain-deregulation, resulting in less worries and fear, decreased muscle tension, less head – and/or stomach ache, and improved sleeping pattern and better concentration.

The first study on using Neurofeedback to reduce anxiety was published in 1978: Hardt, J. V., and Kamiya, J. (1978). Anxiety change through electroencephalographic alpha feedback seen only in high anxiety subjects. Science, 201, 79-81. The results suggest that Neurofeedback training may be useful in anxiety therapy.

This paper considered multiple studies on Neurofeedback treatment for anxiety and depression, finding “particularly positive research support for the treatment of anxiety disorders”: Hammond, D. Corydon. “Neurofeedback treatment of depression and anxiety.” Journal of Adult Development 12.2-3 (2005): 131-137.


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