My goal is to eliminate all technical, linguistic and logistical barriers, allowing the patient to focus all energies on his treatment and recovery.

Services provided

  • Personal patient monitoring and support in consultations and treatments in Portugal and abroad

    My presence will enable the full understanding, decision making and choice of the medical solutions presented by the doctor. After the consultation a written record of what was discussed is provided, thus allowing the patient to decide, soundly and with the help of his family, on the best option to be taken.

  • Medical File management

    Includes all contacts with doctors, clinics and hospitals (in Portugal or abroad); the preparation of the patient’s medical file (made from the translation of his medical examinations and reports) and the booking of appointments and treatments recommended.

  • Expert Search

    Specialized treatment search for all kinds of diseases including the rare or poorly known, made in several languages.

  • Search for financing solutions for special treatments in-country or abroad

    State funded treatments foreseen by law (existing health subsystems such as the Portuguese ADSE); funding by insurance companies; participation in clinical trials subsidized by hospitals and laboratories in the European Union.

  • Translation of medical examinations to and from various languages

    This allows the patient who wishes to be treated abroad, to take with him his exams and medical reports in the language of the country chosen for treatment.

  • Technical, linguistic and logistical support when traveling abroad

    Encompasses the entire organization of travel, accommodation, consultations and treatments in the clinic or hospital chosen by the patient.

  • Organization of contacts with patients around the world who are in a similar clinical situation

    Allows the sharing of testimonials on current therapies, thus helping the patient to decide on what treatment to choose.

“(…) we have relied on Raquel’s unconditional support and help; she has been a great friend. (…) I know I can count on her both in Germany and in Portugal, to keep us informed on treatments and innovations, or just to give us a friendly word in not so good times.”

Alexandra Martinho

“Without resorting to Raquel’s services it would not have been possible for me be treated outside of Portugal. The organization of consultations, travel, accommodation and monitoring in consultations and treatments: everything was done by Raquel with dedication and professionalism. I didn’t have to worry about anything and this gave me peace of mind to focus on my health and well-being.”

Maria José Escoval

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